Our Stud Preview Day will feature our 2021 Ram Sale Team.
The Autumn drop rams on offer this year show above-average growth, and we look forward to showing them off.
We undertake extensive data collection and are pleased to share fleece and carcass breeding values to assist in ram selection.
Also, on display, we have some of our 2020 drop stud maiden ewes. These young ewes are a true reflection of the direction and type of dual-purpose merino we are directing our breeding towards.
Don’t miss our exceptional Semen Sire ‘Lockdown,’ a ram that exceeds the skin quality of most other rams in the industry at present.
He is a 2019 drop ram that we have used extensively already in our Poll Stud and a Sire we intend to continue to use in the next joining. Some of Australia’s leading Studs have used him.
We have tagged his first lambs and are very impressed with the skin and wool quality he is breeding.

Towonga has also collaborated with Greg Sawyer of Elders and his Ph.D. studies through Sydney Uni. Greg, Garry, and Rohan developed the portable Walk Over Weigh (WOW) system trailer. This portable WOW trailer makes weight data collection that little bit easier in the paddock.
Part of the studies includes shearing ewes at intervals, measuring wool growth, and observing productivity while raising a lamb.
The opportunity for everyone to inspect this system will be at Stud Preview Day.


Semen Sire