Towonga, breeding a Productive Merino, above-average wool cut, with sound constitution.

Garry and Donna Kopp and two of their sons, Shaun and Rohan, run a dynamic operation between properties at Peak Hill and Parkes in New South Wales Central West.

Branching out on their own four years ago, their focus has been on breeding a superior merino with wool cut, fleece quality, and carcase value.

They are experienced and passionate about the merino breed and what it can produce.

Throughout the year, assistance is always available for classing ewes, advice on ram selection, flock management, or marketing support.

Your call is always welcome.

2024 Calendar of Events

Towonga On-Property Ram Sale

Saturday, 21 September 2024
‘Rachelvale’ Peak Hill NSW
9.30 am Open for Inspection
1 pm Auction

2024 Rams, Exceptional Drop


We are excited to give you a sneak peek at some of our Sale Rams for 2024.


6 month old Rams
Sire – Collinsville 21-5121

On-Property Ram Sale Results

Saturday 23 September 2023

Thank you to our Buyers and Underbidders.
Congratulations to Eric & Helen Wythe Broadwater Vic, on purchasing the Top Price Horn Ram for $4,250.00
Congratulations to Currans Family Trust Hermidale, on purchasing the Top Price Poll Ram for $3,500.00
Ashley and Teena Currans, repeat volume buyers, secured eleven rams. Andrew George, Brewarrina also secured thirteen poll Rams.
The Sale average was $1,585.00


Outstanding Stud Sire Purchased

March 2023


Nathan Hando and his father Paul are passionate wool growers located North of Peak Hill.

Nathan is the third generation to buy rams from Garry and his family. A Stud/Client relationship lasting nearly 40 years.

‘With Garry classing our young ewes each year, we continue to have sheep with good size, micron, and wool type that suit our country.’

‘We want to breed productive, profitable sheep, and the Towonga rams are doing that for us.’

Nathan Hando - Peak Hill NSW