Stud / Semen Sires

‘Honey Badger’ - TWG 6-400

‘Honey Badger’ is an outstanding Stud Sire. The volume of Elite wool on this ram is remarkable and incredibly rare to find.

A proud and upstanding ram who has a deceivingly large and correct frame. This type of ram adds wool cut, fleece quality and frame to any breeding program.

  • SIRE: Laurel Park
  • Mic: 19.8
  • SD: 2.5
  • CV: 12.6
  • CF: 99.9
  • Fleece Weight: 18.5Kgs

‘Hash-Tag’ - TWG 7-14

This young ram has impressed at all his outings.

The comment from the Argentinean Judge, Michael Gough in Bendigo “this ram is just oozing production with a magnificent rich wool”

The Dam of this ram was a Champion Strong Wool Ewe and was sold to Indalo Stud Argentina. She was a Tow Calendar daughter.

A beautifully skinned sheep he is punching out soft lustrous wool – and plenty of it. Deep in the flank he has great potential for breeding outstanding bale fillers.

  • SIRE: RP09 0014
  • Mic: 18.9
  • SD: 3.2
  • CV: 16.9
  • CF: 99.6
  • **

Panther - TWG 7-544

A solid, pure and upstanding Poll Ram.

The pick of our young Poll Sires in 2018. Coming second in the Elders Midstate Premier hogget he impressed most with the volume and quality of his wool. A very square stance gives him good balance and outlook.

  • SIRE: TW Syndicate
  • Mic: 19.4
  • SD: 2.9
  • CV: 14.9
  • CF: 99.0
  • BW:

Tow 7.22

Grand Sire: Tow 5.2 x JC & S 16
Structurally very correct ram with a very heavy, rich, strong wool. Wool cut 20.2kg, and proving to breed very true to type.

Reserve Champion Strong Wool Dubbo 2010

7.22 Mic SD CV CF Wool Cut
20.2 3.4 15.8 99.6 202.2kg
Semen Available

Tow - Ricardo

Ricardo is an outstanding young sire with an elite wool which caught the eye of many in the 2017 show season.
A fabulous skin which carries through to an outstanding wool density.
A well balanced ram that stands square and has all the qualities of a Stud Merino Sire.
Having confidence in the rams genetics, he has been used extensively by Towalba in recent AI programs.

Sire: Wonga Syndicate
Dam: Maiden Stud Ewe
Wool Cut 9mths 14.3kg
Micron 19.1 SD:3.2 CV:16.8 CF:99.5
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