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Stud Sire Purchased - Imperial 21-5121

Towonga has acquired an exceptional Stud Sire, Imperial 21-5121, from the Collinsville Stud in South Australia.
He was purchased privately for $50,000.
The Ram, born in September 2021, boasts 20.5-micron wool and was crowned the prestigious Ram of the Year at the Burra Elders SA Stud Merino Expo
With a remarkable carcase, superior skin, and wool quality, Towonga is thrilled to integrate this ram into their breeding program as they embrace the modern merino.

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Breeding Quality Rams

An actual wool cutter with bone and a square rear end. His quality wool stood out in the show ring.
He was awarded the Reserve Grand Champion March Shorn Ram at Rabobank National Show and Sale, Dubbo 2022; only beaten by the Australian Supreme.

AI breed, 21-0068
SIRE: Roseville Park 19-0068
DAM: Towonga 18-1032

Mic 18.6, SD 2.9 CV 15.6 CF 99.6

MP+ 178.2 DP+ 161.9


Towonga 21-0068

Stud Sire 20-0012

This ram is the progeny of the Grand Champion Merino Ewe, Rabobank National Show, 2019, Kerrilyn 121.
Sired by Semen Sire 11-0033, Supreme Exhibit Queensland State Sheep Show, 2012.

20-0012 is a ram with an incredible length of body, broad front and rear end.

His wool quality is impeccable, visually bold but with a micron of 20.4; white and glossy.
His GFW% is 129.3, SD 3.1, CV 15.2, CF 99.3.

We are excited to include him in our breeding program this coming season.

Towonga 20-0012


LOCKDOWN 19-1665

This outstanding ram is a show stopper for his skin quality, wool, and frame.
His progeny will do the talking since he has had very little exposure this year at shows or stud displays.
He will be used extensively in our next breeding season.

  • Sire: Towonga 18-1097
  • Dam. Towonga 15-4144
  • Mic: 18.3
  • SD: 2.5
  • CV: 13.7
  • CF: 99.8

Semen is available now.


Towonga -181097

One of our most exciting Young Sires.

His show season in 2019 had him taking out the Champion August Shorn Strong Wool Poll Ram at the Sydney Royal Show. Following this up at the Rabobank National Show in Dubbo he was awarded the Champion Strong Wool Poll Ram.
A creditable 18.8kg fleece weight puts him up with the heaviest wool cutting polls out there. He has a loose supple skin, a clean dry poll, and is structurally broad and correct.
Joined in his show clothes last year, he has hit the ground running when it comes to a successful joining.
Impressing us most however is the number of progeny that have come through for the 2020 Ram Sale Team.
The sale rams have wools that are rich and soft, with great coverage. A young Sire we look forward to breeding on with.

  • Sire: Capital A21525
  • Mic: 18
  • SD: 2.8
  • CV: 15.6
  • CF: 99.9
    Fleece Weight 18.8kg

Towonga 181097

‘Honey Badger’ - TWG 6-400

‘Honey Badger’ is an outstanding Stud Sire. The volume of Elite wool on this ram is remarkable and incredibly rare to find.

A proud and upstanding ram who has a deceivingly large and correct frame. This type of ram adds wool cut, fleece quality and frame to any breeding program.

  • SIRE: Laurel Park
  • Mic: 19.8
  • SD: 2.5
  • CV: 12.6
  • CF: 99.9
  • Fleece Weight: 18.5Kg

Honey Badger