Our Story

Welcome to Towonga

Towonga Merino and Poll Merino Stud is located in the Central West of NSW and was registered in August 2018 by Garry and Donna Kopp.

Towonga has been founded on ewes from half of the entire Towalba Merino Stud. This came about as the result of succession planning and dissolving of the Kopp family partnership; both brothers Garry and Warick retained stock and land while Neville and Mavis have taken a step back and to enjoy retirement on the property.

Historically the Towonga stud ewes go back to Wonga and Collinsville bloodlines, with an average micron of 21.5.

Leading sires from Towalba were carefully selected and purchased during the stud split. This has allowed Towonga, with this genetic stability, to continue producing the quality sheep that Garry is renowned for.

Moving forward and breeding with these solid genetics at Towonga, Garry will continue to focus on the medium to strong wool type. Constitution will always be paramount; the foundation for these unrivalled heavy cutters.

Client service is a priority. Throughout the year there will always be assistance available for classing ewes, advice on ram selection, flock management or marketing support; it is what we are about. Your call is always welcome.

Towonga is part of a 3500ha mixed dry land farm holding. It is family operated and just North of Peak Hill in NSW. There is a large focus on sustainable agriculture. Garry and Donna, along with their sons Rohan, Alistar and Shaun plan to farm here for generations to come. The sheep enterprise has a focus for profitable merino breeding objectives and will continue to be a major component of this progressive business.

You are invited to take a look at what we have to offer, any time of the year.