Planning for the Future


One of the exciting things for us now is the chance to step things up a bit, having retained or purchased what we believe to be the best three sires of the 2017 Towalba team.

In particular our foundation sire ‘Honey Badger’, horn ram ‘Hash Tag Matt’ and leading poll sire ‘Panther’.

Also a few of the old tried and trusted sires to keep things stable, including Tow 5.3 who was the most dominant sire for our sale team this year.

We can’t wait to see our first drop of lambs next season.

We intend to increase our stud ewe numbers and to only breed with ewes that meet benchmark fleece weight and constitution traits.

An intensive AI and ET program will be implemented to fast track our numbers which will commence at the beginning of the next year.

Ram-ping things up