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November 2022

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Towonga Merino & Poll Merino Stud Update – November 2022

• The 2023 ET and AI programs are underway with Francois and Lynn of Ovatec-Dubbo.

• Exciting times are ahead as we have flushed five ewes, including the two Ewes purchased from Collinsville and East Bungaree, in June this year.

• The Collinsville ewe 21-0039 is from the winning SA Pair at the Burra Field Days. We have used Semen Sires from the Collinsville Stud along with our own.

• Our November ET program using fresh and frozen embryos will see seventy-three embryos transferred from the five selected ewes.

• The November AI program will also include the Glenlea Park Ram 19-1120. He is a proven Sire in the industry for early growth, with superior wool. We have used him in our last AI program, and his lambs look tremendous.

We can’t wait to show off the 2022 drop rams!

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East Bungaree &
Collinsville Poll Ewe